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How do you calculate your fees?

We’ve set up an RTO & 147 organisation from scratch to RPL engineers faster, and our fees are all inclusive – it’s one simple fee, paid upfront.

Sigma Aerospace College justifies its fee structure based on several unique and value-added aspects of our educational offerings.

Firstly, the college has developed a robust system for Recognised Prior Learning (RPL) that is significantly faster than its competitors. This efficiency in assessing and crediting previous experience and learning towards current qualifications not only saves engineers time but also enhances your career progression opportunities.

Additionally, the fees at Sigma Aerospace College are comprehensive, covering not just the basic tuition but also the costs associated with exclusion removal. This all-inclusive fee structure encompasses expenses related to the RPL process, Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) examinations, and all Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) Units of Competency.

This holistic approach to fee structuring ensures that engineers are not burdened with unexpected additional costs during their course of study, providing a transparent and straightforward financial planning for their education. Such an all-encompassing fee system, combined with the rapid and efficient RPL process, help us solve your exclusion removal and training process better and more smoothly than the competition.

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