Policies & Procedures

FIN01.01.01 Domestic Refund Policy and Procedure_v01.00

CM02.05.01 Training and Assessment Policy & Procedure_v01.00

AR03.01.01 Information Management Policy_v01.00

GM04.01.01 Privacy Policy & Procedure_v01.00

GM04.01.02 College Information Policy_v01.00

GM04.01.03 Student Privacy Information Sheet_v01.00

GM04.04.01 Fraud and Corruption Policy_v01.00

GM04.05.01 Monitoring and Reviewing Policy & Procedure_v01.00

GM04.06.01 Right to Information Policy_v01.00

HAS05.01.01 Health and Safety Environment Policy_v01.00

HAS05.01.02 Health Safety and Environment Risk Management Procedure_v01.00

HAS05.01.04 Threats to Personal Safety Procedure_v01.00

HAS05.01.05 Health and Safety Risk Management Framework_v01.00

HAS05.02.01 Critical Incident Policy_v01.00

HAS05.03.01 Sustainability Policy_v01.00

HR06.01.01 Complaints Handling and Appeals Policy_v01.00

HR06.02.01 Staff Code of Conduct Policy_v01.00

HR06.03.01 Access, Equity & Diversity Policy_v01.00

HR06.03.02 Student Support Policy_v01.00

HR06.04.01 Bullying and Harassment Policy_v01.00

HR06.05.01 Anti-Discrimination Policy_v01.00

HR06.05.02 Prevention of Anti-Discrimination and Harassment Procedure_v01.00

HR06.06.01 Alcohol and other Drugs Policy_v01.00

HR06.07.01 Disability Policy_v01.00

IT08.01.01 Cyber Security Policy_v01.00

SS07.01.01 Fees and Payments Policy_v01.00

SS07.02.01 Student Grievance Resolution Policy and Procedure_v01.00

SS07.04.01 Issuing of AQF Qualification Policy and Procedure_v01.00

SS07.05.01 Student Code of Conduct_v01.00

SS07.06.01 Student Deferring Suspending Cancelling Policy and Procedure_v01.00

SS07.07.01 Student Integrity and Misconduct Policy and Procedure_v01.00

SS07.08.01 Plagiarism Policy_v01.00

SS07.10.01 Student Handbook_v02.00

V09.01.01 Assessment Policy and Procedure_v01.00

V09.05.01 RPL Policy_v01.00

V09.05.02 RPL Procedure_v02.00

V09.05.04 RPL Process Flowchart_v01.00

V09.05.05 RPL Applicants Guide_v01.00

V09.05.07 RPL Assessment Decision_v01.00

V09.05.09 RPL Self Assessment Tool_v01.00

V09.06.01 Admissions and Enrolment Policy_v01.00

V09.07.01 Course Progression Policy and Procedure_v01.00

V09.10.01 LLN Test Policy and Procedure_v01.00


FIN01.01.03 Student Refund Request Form_v01.00

GM04.01.04 Privacy Image Consent Form_v01.00

HR06.01.03 Have Your Say Form_v01.00

SS07.04.03 Course Variation Form_v01.00

V09.03.02 Application for Credit Transfer Form_v01.00

V09.05.06 RPL Action Plan Form_v01.00

V09.05.10 RPL Student Feedback Form_v01.00

Our Approvals

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