E12 Exclusion Removal (Propellers)

This course includes competencies from the MEA Aeroskills Training Package that meet the requirements of CASA for the removal of Propellers exclusions from CASR Part 66 licences.

About the Course

Sigma Aerospace College exclusion removal courses are designed for experienced aircraft engineers and meet the training and assessment requirements for CASA Part 66 exclusion removal.

Exclusion removal courses include all relevant learning materials and assessments for associated ASQA Units of Competency and may include invigilated CASA module gap exams.

Theory training is delivered online via self-paced learning via Sigma’s Learning Management System. Practical training is not included so practical criteria are met via Recognition for Prior Learning (RPL) by uploading suitable evidence.

Before You Enrol:

This course covers the MEA Aeroskills Training Package units of competency, and may include Part 66 Modular Assessments that should be attained before either undergoing specific type training, or being able to fully exercise the privileges of the [All licences covered by this page] licence.

If you are seeking Multiple Category Exclusion Removals, please contact us for custom pricing.

To join this course you must hold:

  • An Australian B1.1 or B1.2 category licence

To Apply, Select Your Licence:

To get pricing, course details, units and to apply, select your licence of qualification below:

E12 Exclusion Removal (Propellers)
For holders of the following Licence
B1.1 - Turbine-engined fixed wing aeroplane
B1.2 - piston-engined fixed wing aeroplane


Initial payment is required at the time of enrolment. Unless advised otherwise during onboarding, course fees include ALL ASQA unit theory training and assessment, RPL services for practical experience, and all CASA module gap exams (See Policy Page for Details). If you are seeking Multiple Category Exclusion Removals, please contact us for custom pricing.

Course Duration

20 Weeks
This is double the normal time to complete and the maximum allowable duration to complete this self-paced course. Course duration is the period of time, from the time of enrolment, in which you are required to complete your course including online self-paced theory training and assessments, uploading documentary evidence of practical experience, and completing CASA exams.

Axc Code


Our fees are all inclusive. See the Calculation:


Entry Criteria

You must meet the following criteria to enrol in this course:

  • Hold an Australian CASA B1.1 licence, OR
  • Hold an Australian CASA B1.2 licence, OR
  • Hold a non-Australian aircraft engineer licence, OR
  • Have a special exemption approved by the Sigma Aerospace College Academic Manager
  • Have an minimum English level of Upper Intermediate equivalent to 5.5 IELTS (Academic) or ICAO / CASA Aviation English language proficiency rating of 4


This course does NOT include practical training. Practical competencies must be met via Recognition for Prior Learning (RPL). To attain the practical competencies associated with this course, you will be expected to upload the following documentation:

  • Related Log of Industrial Experience pages
  • Journal documents signed by your supervisor
  • Work History Sheets
  • Any Supervisor Signature Registers
  • Type Course Syllabus and Certificates
  • Related Industry Maintenance documentation
  • Commonwealth Statutory Declaration, etc

Course Detail

This course includes competencies from the MEA Aeroskills Training Package that meet the requirements of CASA for the removal of Electrical/ Instrument system exclusions from CASR Part 66 B1.1/B1.2 licence.

This course is predominantly for holders of CASA B1.1/B1.2 licence endorsed with Propeller exclusion E12 who wish to have the exclusion removed from their licence.

(NOTE: Some units included in this course are prerequisite units that may be attained by Recognition for Prior Learning (RPL) for holders of Australian licences or other approved documentation.)

AQF Units of Competency Covered

Code Unit of Competency
MEA307 Remove and install propeller systems and components
MEA315 Inspect, test and troubleshoot propeller systems and components


CASA Part 66 Modules

Part 66 Module Module Title
Module 6 Materials and Hardware (gap topics only)
Module 7 Maintenance Practices (gap topics only)
Module 17 Propeller


All the modules listed above align with the CASA requirements for a B1.1 or B1.2 licence E12 exclusion removal. Note that the modules listed above are the maximum which may be required. Credit against modules may be applicable through having completed similar Part 66 examinations at other Maintenance Training Organisations and/or through completion of CAR31 Basics examinations.

Where credit has been applied, the exact module (or part module) requirements to bridge knowledge gaps will be outlined on a Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) report.

Entry Criteria